YMCA offer the following membership types.
Membership Type
Corporate Membership:- This membership will be under the name of Company/Corporate, operated by its authorized signatory.

Each membership will be allowed to appoint two nominees. (Two families) to use the facilities of YMCA. Company can change the name of nominee by sending in writing signed by authorized signatory.

Minimum two nominees are allowed at the time of enrollment on payment of membership fee. The membership fees are as of now and further rates will be applicable as revised by the management.

This is a non refundable life time membership
Individual Membership - (Transferable):- This Membership will be under the name of individual and its dependant family's i.e. spouse, Son till 18 years of age and unmarried daughter up to 25 years of age.

This is the transferable membership it can be transferred after completion of 5 years, either to children, family members or others.

This is a non refundable life time membership.